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Moving Toward Climate Solutions Now

Massive wildfires and freak tornadoes. Record-breaking drought and heat waves. The signs of climate change are here, and they are frightening. They are telling us we need to get serious about reducing our carbon emissions — now.

The good news is, we can. We can achieve a clean energy future, leaving our kids the healthier, safer world they deserve. And you can help.

We invite you to be part of the solution. Explore our site, learn more, and consider taking action through our partner organizations. Each step you take lowers the temperature on our global warming thermometer.

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Watch (and Share!) the Flora & Frankie video

Help us move toward clean energy solutions by sharing the video with friends. (Don’t worry, we never capture outside email addresses.)

We may create additional video episodes to help build momentum for change. to be notified of future Flora & Frankie adventures!

Watch the Video

http://coolersmarter.org/cooler-smarterLeap to it at home!

Get personalized tips for doing your part

This interactive “Cooler, Smarter” site by the Union of Concerned Scientists gives you personalized, user-friendly tips for lowering your carbon footprint. Check it out!


Visit "Cooler, Smarter"

Tell World Leaders To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies!Speak out: End subsidies for fossil fuels

As taxpayers, we’re subsidizing the most profitable industry on the planet — Big Oil — while their product devastates our climate. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

It’s only happening because fossil fuel lobbyists and folks like the billionaire Koch Brothers spend millions to unfairly influence politics in Washington. They rig the system for fossil fuels and against clean energy — and our kids’ future.

Enough is enough!

Join the call to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Act now to move beyond coal | Beyond CoalLet’s phase out coal-fired power plants!

Coal is burned throughout the U.S. to produce electricity. It is a very dirty source of energy, contributing to climate change, asthma, and dangerous toxins in our air and water. It’s time to phase out coal and embrace new, clean energy sources!

Add your voice to the Sierra Club’s efforts to move our country beyond coal.

Add Your Voice

create-solar-togetherGo solar — without the big investment

Most of us can’t afford a solar panel installation, or we don’t live in a good location for solar. But creative ways to participate in solar energy are popping up:

Soon you will be able to invest directly into solar projects for as little as $25.  Sign up to be notified when Solar Mosaic’s crowdfunding platform launches!

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Firefighters in New Mexico Connect Record Fires with Climate ChangeSol not Coal: Solarize Fire Station #3Help make renewable energy real

Watch firefighters in New Mexico share their stories about facing an all-too-real consequence of climate change — massive forest fires.

Watch the video here »

Then learn about efforts to “Solarize” Santa Fe’s Firehouse Station #3.  And consider donating to the effort — to help make clean energy real.

Learn about Solarizing Station #3

About Us

This website and the associated ad campaign with Flora and Frankie are a project of New Energy Economy, sponsored by Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to climate solutions and sustainable development.

Betsy Taylor, President of Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions (BSS), and Kathy Washienko, a clean energy activist and BSS partner, teamed up to help the public take action in the wake of extreme weather across the country in 2012. We’re both mothers and, like Flora, we worry for our kids. We believe it’s our country’s moral responsibility to step up to the challenge of climate disruption. And we believe we can do it — but only if  enough of us start leaping to it—by making changes in our own lives, and, most importantly, by demanding clean energy solutions from our elected officials.

For press or other inquiries, please contact Betsy Taylor, BSS President, at (301) 920-1444

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